The Comic Speculator – New Comics Watch for June 26, 2013: Lazarus #1

Lazarus #1 (Image) Forbidden Planet variant.

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New Comics Watch

I hated the name “Hot Picks,” so welcome to the new and revised New Comic Watch. Here I’ll be taking a look at recent releases to see what’s heating up or cooling down and try to help you make an informed buying or selling decision. So let’s get to it.

This week’s fastest sellout goes to Lazarus #1 from Image (not too shocking, I know) and already the back issue market is:

Lazarus #1 (Image) splash page variant.

Lazarus #1
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Michael Lark
Shipped: 6/26

The Buzz: This series was announced at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con and why it took so long to get here seems to be a mystery. Regardless, Rucka is doing what he does best—writing a strong female heroine—but this time the story takes place in an anarchistic-dystopian-future. Like most Image #1’s, this one sold out before shipping and is already starting to sell for more than cover price. Currently, you can pick this one up for cover price to $5 but expect it to go up quickly. Also watch for the Midtown Comics Variant (currently selling for $20 or still available for $10 at a CBLDF variant (selling for $8-$10), a Forbidden Planet variant (selling for $10-$20 most of which are in the U.K.) and a Comic Asylum/Splash Page retailer variant (selling for $20 but still available for $10 here).

The Verdict: Early reviews have been very good and the premise for Lazarus is very cool. I’d expect this #1 to see higher prices soon, mainly because of panicked buyers pushing prices up. If you need one of the variants, spend the shipping money and order one of the U.K. Forbidden Planet variants, they’ll be very hard to find in the states.

What to Watch:

X-Files Seaon 10 #1 variant.

X-Files Seaon 10 #1 Hastings variant.

Fatale #15 Ghost Variant.

• X-Files Season 10 #1 from IDW (shipped 6/19) sold out at Diamond and is starting to see higher prices. #2 checked in at sixth place on the Diamond top 25 Advance Reorders, which probably means retailers weren’t ready for the popularity of this new series. Both the 1:25 variant (selling for $25-$30) and the Hastings exclusive variants (selling for $15) are starting to heat up as well.

• Fatale #15 from Image has a Ghost Variant by the amazing Darwyn Cooke that hit the stands.

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