The Comic Speculator – New Comics Watch for July 11, 2013: Ghosted, Quantum & Woody

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New Comics Watch for July 11, 2013:

It’s time again to focus our bionic eyes on this week’s hard-to-find new comics. If you were smart, you pre-ordered yours from your local comic shop and now you can sit back and laugh while collectors and speculators alike throw piles of cash at comics that cost less than $5 yesterday. Suckers…

There’s a couple of new releases that sold out very quickly this week:

Ghosted #1 (Image), written by Joshua Williamson, art by Goran Sudzuka. Shipped: 7/10.

The Ghosted #1 Image Expo cover.

The Ghosted #1 color Skybound San Diego Comic-con 2013 edition.

Ghosted #1
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Goran Sudzuka
Shipped: July 10, 2013

The Buzz: This new series has been called “equal parts ‘Ocean’s 11’ and the ‘Shining’.” Ghosted is the story of criminal mastermind who is busted out of prison by a team that wants him to help steal a ghost from a haunted house (only in comics, folks). Issue #1 sold out before shipping, thanks to a lot of good early reviews and retailers not wanting to miss out on any further “Image-#1-hysteria.” Haunted also had an Image Expo cover limited to 500 copies with art by Matteo Scalera (currently selling for $30-$40) and an upcoming color version of the expo cover only available at the upcoming San Diego Comic-con, July 18-21, (currently pre-selling for $20-$25).

The Verdict: Ghosted has a great premise, great cover and interior art, and quite a bit of good buzz behind it. You can probably still find #1 for cover price but if you want to get in on the Image Expo or SDCC covers, now is the time. My guess is both will be selling for twice as much very soon here. Keep in mind, there were probably considerably more of the SDCC covers printed, so they should be easier to find.

Quantum and Woody #1 (Valiant) , written by James Asmus, art by Tom Fowler. Shipped: July 10, 2013.

The Quantum and Woody #1 pullbox edition.

The Quantum and Woody #1 1:20 ratio variant by Andrew Robinson.

The Quantum and Woody #1 1:50 variant with a QR code that, when activated using your smart-phone, makes Vincent Van-Goat talk.

Quantum and Woody #1
Written by James Asmus
Art by Tom Fowler
Shipped: July 10, 2013

The Buzz: After almost 15 years, the cult-comedy-hit Quantum and Woody returns with Gambit writer James Asmus at the helm. Even though it’s not the original creative team Quantum and Woody, fans seem to be pumped for this one. Issue #1 was listed as sold out as of this morning (July 11), with only the “pullbox variant” still in stock. I would expect those to also disappear as the re-orders come in starting today. Also, watch for a 1:20 variant by Andrew Robinson (currently selling for $8-$12) and a 1:50 variant with a QR code that, when activated using your smart-phone, makes Vincent Van-Goat talk (currently selling for $25-$30).

The Verdict: I was curious if readers other than old guys like myself would even remember this one, and it looks like they did. This weekend will be the true measure of Q&W’s success when the reorders come in. I’d guess the regular cover will be selling for $5-$8 in a week here, with the variants sitting right around what they’re selling for now.

What to Watch:

Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol #1 (of 5).

BRONIES BEWARE! IDW shipped the first two if their My Little Pony Micro-Series Comic Folio editions this week. Issues #1 (Twilight Sparkle) and #2 (Rainbow Dash) both contain a special edition, variant cover comic book and lithograph protected in a hand-built hardcover portfolio that’s been die-cut and finished with a sparkle glitter treatment. Both are limited to 500 copies and both sold out before shipping. Already, sellers are asking $40 and up for both.

• Skin Trade #1 from Avatar adapts Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin’s werewolf-crime-mystery story for gore-hungry-lupine-comic-fans everywhere. All covers are currently still in stock but I’m guessing re-orders will change that in the next couple of days. Also, there’ve been movie rumors circulating about this story for a few years now. With the success of Game of Thrones, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear a Skin Trade movie announcement very soon. When that happens these first-prints will be long gone.

• If you weren’t paying attention, you might have missed it, but Titan Comics shipped Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol #1 this week featuring the writing and bad-ass-painted-art of Stuart Jennett. Jennett is a British artist working for Alien Apple studios and his art here is amazing. Issue #1 is receiving rave reviews (Comic Book gave it 5 out of 5 stars), but due to a very low print-run it’s proving hard to find. If Jennett becomes a household name (amongst comic-nerds anyway), Chronos Commandos #1 could be impossible to come by.

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