The Comic Speculator: Skrulls!

Regular cover of X-Men #375
Variant cover of Uncanny X-Men #375
Cover of FF #256
Cover of FF annual #18
Cover of Avengers #93

Last Wednesday the Skrull Invasion of the Marvel Universe kicked off in the pages of “Secret Invasion” #1 where we found that many of the Marvel characters we love may not be who we think they are.

In other words…how long have these heroes been Skrulls?

This question is exactly what will make every Skrull appearance in Marvel history hot back-issue material. Now is a great time to pick up these moderately priced bronze-age to modern-age comics. If the current trend of online sales for these books continues they will not be affordable for long.

The first appearance of the Skrulls, in “Fantastic Four vol. 1 #2 (1961), guides at $9000 in Near Mint condition and may be out of your price range. But there are plenty of other Skrull appearances that are very affordable…for the moment.

Here’s some key Skrull appearances to look for before “Secret Invasion”-mania pushes their prices to new heights:

– “Avengers” v1 #93-#97 (1971), the Kree Skrull War storyline. This was the first time the Marvel Super Heroes learned of the 1000-year-old conflict. #93 is the big one guiding at $210 in Near Mint. #94-#97 can usually be found for between $65-$95. Watch for these prices to skyrocket very soon.

-“Fantastic Four” v1 Annual #18 (1988). In this issue the Kree and Skrull races
decide to let their greatest champions settle the war. The battle between
the two, like the war, ultimately ends in a stalemate. Currently FF
Annual #18 guides for $3.00 but look for that to change soon as characters
like the Young Avengers member Hulkling, whose parents met in this issue,
play a large part in the “Secret Invasion” storyline.

-“Fantastic Four” #256-#257 (1983). Galactus destroys the Skrull Throne world, Tarnax IV. “Secret Invasion” writer Brian Bendis has stated in a number of interviews that the destruction of the Skrull capitol is a huge part of why the Skrulls want Earth. Currently FF #256-#257 guides for $5.00. FF annual #18 and issues #256-#257 were part of legendary artist John Byrne’s FF run which is just now starting to garner the attention it deserves from collectors.

-“Uncanny X-Men” #375. Back in 1999 Wolverine was impersonated by a Skrull who was killed by the actual Wolverine while he was serving as one
of Apocalypse’s Horsemen. If it turns out that Wolvie is currently a Skrull look
for this issue to be a key. X-Men #375 currently guides for $4.00. Issue #375 also had an Another Universe variant cover, pictured above, that is very hard to find and currently guides for $12.00.

As the “Secret Invasion” storyline continues I will post more key Skrull appearances in the forum section of the Comic Book Community, so be sure to check for updates.

Until next time free to post to the forum topics in the comic books community and tell me what you’re reading/collecting. Also check out my other blog, This Week in Geek where I discuss the new comics of the week that could be tomorrow’s collectibles. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question in the Comic Book community forum. Want to know what your comics are worth? Join Worthpoint for free and post your titles in the “Ask A Question” section.

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