Comics Auction Watch – Captain America #100 & #104


Auction Watch!

Captain America #100 (Marvel, 1968)

Captain America #104 (Marvel, 1968)

Comic Link has two auctions for very cool Early Silver-Age Captain America issues ending tomorrow, June 28.

The first is a CGC 9.0 condition Captain America #100 (Marvel, 1968), which was Cap’s first Silver Age solo adventure. Cap #100 was also the beginning of Jack Kirby’s run on the title and features one of his most iconic covers. The story is continued from Tales of Suspense #99 and features a retelling of Cap’s origin. CGC lists 106 copies of this issue in 9.0 condition and 234 copies in better condition. Currently this auction is at $326 with 16 bids.

The second is a copy of Captain America #104 in CGC 9.6 graded condition from the Pacific Coast Pedigree. The CGC census lists 21 other copies of Cap #104 in 9.6 condition and only nine copies in better condition (9.8). The pedigree on this issue should give it a boost in price but there are still a good amount of these in circulation. Currently, this auction is at $160 with 12 bids.

So why are these auctions to watch?

What’s really interesting about these is the litmus test they’ll provide for the hype generated by the upcoming Captain America movie. Every time Marvel Studios has produced a movie we’ve seen a spike in prices on key issues of the same franchise. With so many Cap #100s graded in this condition or better, it’ll give collectors a great chance to see the predicted spike in action.

UPDATED (July 1, 12:45 p.m.)

It’s all over except for the crying. Both of these Cap comics sold for a steal. The Cap #100 sold for $427 with 20 bids and the #104 sold for $226 with 18 bids. I’ll take a look at some other collectible cap comics in this month’s upcoming Back Issue Report. “Collectible Cap comics,” that’s some Stan Lee-esque alliteration there.


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