Comics Auction Watch – Fantastic Four #1

A copy of Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel, 1961), CGC-Graded 8.5 Very Fine+ Universal condition, is up for auction this week at


Auction Watch!

Comic Link’s Featured Auction for May ends this week (Tuesday May 24 through Thursday, May 26) and, as usual, there are some amazing Gold- and Silver-Age comics to up for bidding. One of the biggest is a CGC-Graded 8.5 Very Fine+ Universal condition copy of Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel, 1961), described as having white to off-white pages. This was the first appearance of The Fantastic Four, which is arguably some of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s most important work at Marvel Comics and is considered to be Marvel’s first Silver-Age comic.

According to the auction’s description, only two copies of FF #1 in 8.5 condition have sold on Comic Link since 2003, and the last one—part of the November 2008 Featured Auction—sold for $69,000. The CGC Census currently lists only 10 copies of Fantastic Four #1 in 8.5 Universal condition.

Currently, this comic is sitting at $50,000 with 34 bids. With two days left on this auction there’s plenty of time for the bidding price to break the $70.000 mark before the gavel comes down.

Watch this article for an update on the final price this Thursday May, 26.


Late Tuesday night (May 25), this auction came to end with 44 bids and a final bid price of $83,022, smashing the $70,000-record-price that had been predicted. With a sale this big, you can bet collectors with copies of FF #1 in even better condition will take notice. Watch for more record sales on FF #1 very soon.


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