Comics Speculator: Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars’ Could Push Up Values of Related Comics

No one knows how to shake up fans like Marvel Comics, and let me tell you: as a guy that hangs out at my local comic shop, last week’s Marvel news has the comic nerd world all a-buzz. In a nut-shell, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and a horde of current Marvel creators are blowing up their Universe as we know it.

secret wars

Maybe “blowing up” isn’t the right term. Smashing and recombining might make more sense. According to Alonso, Marvel’s summer event “Secret Wars” (company-wide summer events have become a staple at Marvel and DC) will see the Marvel Universe and the newer Marvel Ultimate Universe smashed together, Large-Hadron-Collider-style, to form an all new Marvel Universe.

Now, to the uninformed outsider, this sounds like A-typical nerdity as can only exist in the pages of comics (or maybe an episode of “Doctor Who”). But for those of us living in the trenches, following our Marvel soap-operas week-in-and-week-out, news like this is nothing short of Earth shattering (pun intended). What does it all mean? What will the new Marvel U look like? Who lives, dies, looks completely different? The questions keep piling up but, for now, Marvel is staying quiet (after the initial announcement, of course – editor).

One thing seems to be certain, though: this is not a reboot. After DC’s soft reboot debacle of 2013—where they sort-of-kind-of relaunched its entire line—leaving fans scratching their heads to this day, Marvel has a perfect model of what not to do and seems to be paying attention.

Like most Marvel event comics, this one will also be massively overprinted and over-ordered by retailers, leaving it all but worthless in the aftermarket. But, we can be certain that news like this will push up values on comics related to the original Secret Wars. Did I mention this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Secret Wars?

Secret Wars #1, Marvel, 1984

Secret Wars #1, Marvel, 1984

Secret Wars #1, Marvel, 1984

Why it’s hot: You can’t talk about the Secret Wars without the Beyonder, the cosmic being that dressed like Don Johnson in “Miami Vice” and kidnapped all of Marvel’s heroes to make them fight on his Battleworld. Though Marvel hasn’t announced that the Beyonder is behind this new Secret Wars, several hints have been dropped. Battleworld is the name Marvel is giving the Earth where the Secret Wars take place. Owen Reece (the Molecule Man who wields the power to affect molecular structures), who was directly tied to the Beyonder’s origin, recently popped up in New Avengers. The Inhumans continue to play a larger part of the Marvel U and, during his New Avengers run, writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed that the Beyonder was a mutant who had become an Inhuman when he was exposed to the Terrigen mist (which turns people into Inhumans if they have the proper genome… it’s a whole thing). It’s all there, in between the word balloons like some kind of comic’s DaVinci code. The Beyonder is behind the Secret Wars. I’m calling my shot here!

What’s it worth: Currently, Secret Wars #1 guides for $12 in 9.4 Near Mint condition. And that’s probably way to low. If you can find a copy of #1 in similar condition for $12-$15, pick it up and don’t think twice. If the Beyonder is behind the Secret Wars, copies will be selling for $30-$40 in no time. And, if Marvel studios continues to poach summer event comics for movie scripts (see Age of Ultron and Civil War), the Beyonder could be making his big screen debut soon. In that case, all bets are off and you should’ve picked up Secret Wars when I told you too.

Secret Wars #8, Marvel 1984

Secret Wars #8, Marvel 1984

Secret Wars #8, Marvel 1984

Why it’s hot: You know who else came from Battleworld? Venom, the alien symbiote that became Spider-Man’s black costume and later psychotic nemesis that wanted to eat him (again, it was a whole thing). It just so happens Venom is running around with the Guardians of the Galaxy (guaranteed to be a big part of this cosmic crossover) and I can’t think of a better time to reunite him with Peter Parker than the new Secret Wars. Odds on this happening are 8 to 1. But if it does…

What’s it worth: Right now, this issue guides for $60 in 9.4 Near Mint, but it’s selling for $40-$50. CGC copies in 9.8 are selling for $150-$170 and all these prices are probably too low. I have no hard evidence, but my gut tells me a return to Battleworld means something big for Venom. Or, at least Spidey in some type of black costume again.

These are just a couple of comics to watch for in these pre-Secret Wars days but don’t worry. I’ll be watching and updating you with more real soon.

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