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Hot Summer Auction Items Week of June 15
WorthPoint Auction Update June 15-21

A 15-hundred-year-old antique Chinese sculpture and a home movie of two of Hollywood’s true luminaries – these, plus Old Master look-alikes and a haunting photograph of an Indian chief, make for an eclectic week of auctions at WorthPoint partner auction houses. Worthologist Christopher Kent says collectors and art lovers who can make these auctions – in person, or by linking through WorthPoint – will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, June 17: Auctions Neapolitan “Spring Fling”
Auctions Neapolitan

Worthologist Christopher Kent found two paintings, Lots #808 and 809, in Auction Neapolitan’s catalog, an auction he predicts will be “incredibly diverse and, frankly, fun.” The pair of 19th century Old Master style paintings, “Nude with Satyr and Putti,” and “Early 19th Century Old Master Painting,” depict a style popularized in the 15th to 16th century of the Italian school. Says Christopher, “they are what is considered in the art world to be second or third string paintings, that will steadily and incrementally increase in value over a long period of time. Sure bets for a turn-around investment? Maybe, but, let’s face it, the real ones are taken.” The estimated values for these paintings, $2,500-4,000.

Wednesday, June 18: Antiques and Decorative Arts emphasizing Asian Art
Dallas Auction Gallery

Among the Asian art pieces to be sold at Dallas Auction Gallery, Christopher points out Lot #173. The age alone of this sculpture of three Buddhist subjects makes it fascinating, and it’s journey, even more intriguing. Calligraphy on the limestone stele says it was probably carved in around 613 A.D. during the Chinese Sui Dynasty. It was traced to the Longmen Caves, Henan Province. (read more about the Longmen carvings at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longmen_Grottoes) A Chinese professor picked it up from it from a curio dealer in 1932, and wrote in his curatorial notes that the carved figures of the bodhisattvas represent “firmness of attitude and strength of character befitting who, having attained the highest degree of virtue, prefer to descend to the lowest level in order to save the rest of humanity.” Dallas Auction Gallery estimates the market value of this ancient piece between $50,000 and $75,000.

Friday, June 20: Cottone Auction’s Photographic and Native American Collection Sale
Cottone Auction

Christopher notes a photograph of a Seneca tribe chief named Sose-Na-Wah, which has an estimated auction value of $10,000-$15,000. Photographed in 1849, the chief, although not in native garb, has a haunting look around his eyes. Christopher says the photo is exceptionally clear and without legal constraints, while the image “depicts an uncommon amount of depth and insight into the sitter and will meet the estimate with ease and most likely surpass it.” Also up for bid, a Kachina Doll representing a Canadian tribe. It was made in 1890 by the Maidein Company and is estimated to sell for $2,000-$3,000.

Saturday, June 21-22: Julien’s Planet Hollywood Summer Entertainment Sale

Julien’s Auctions

Straight from Hollywood’s Golden Age, collectors can bid on a 47-minute, never-seen home movie of Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe shot on the set of the movie, “The Misfits,” in 1960. The footage was filmed by an extra in the movie, whose family decided it was time to make it public. An unguarded Monroe and Gable are shown preparing for scenes in what would be each one’s final film. It’s clear Gable was humored by the man making the home movie. The footage has been copyrighted, which auctioneer Darren Julien told NBC’s “Today” show greatly adds to its value. Julien says the copyright allows whoever buys the film the right to reproduce and sell it. This copyright is not accounted for in the pre-auction appraised value of $40,000 to $60,000. By the way, Julien’s, which is based in Hollywood, is holding this auction in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

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