Early Automobilia Stein

What links the history of the automobile and the history of automobilia? The answer is the love/hate relationship with the automobile. Much autombilia–prints, sheet music, steins, postcards, valentines–illustrates the conflict between automobile lover and hater.

One such item is the pictured beer stein, made in Germany around 1905. It depicts an early motorist who has just run over a farmer’s goose, a common event in the early days of motoring.

The value of such a stein is in the range of $350-$550, dependent upon the detail of the scene and the condition of the stein. A number of steins have been made in the past 20 years. Steins made in South America for companies such as Avon and some beer companies have little or no value to the antique stein collector. Many of the newer steins, though nice and well made, command no more then $35-$45.

P.S. I have some of the later steins in my collection because I collect almost anything picturing an early automobile.

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