Errors Found in Search of Nickels

Enlarged forehead, head, and hair from the understrike on this 1996-P Jefferson nickel.
Rotated reverse
A 1999-P nickel has a reverse that is rotated nearly 180 degrees.  The discoloration has nothing to do with the error.
The weak area on the reverse to the upper right of Monticello is where there was not enough metal flow into the reverse die.
A cud error always runs to the edge of the coin.
Outline of Monticello still visible through the second
This Jefferson nickel was struck twice.  A portion of the motto is in the collar from the understrike.

Errors in some circulated nickels were found recently by a Florida coin collector. The message here is that when cherry-picking coins, not only should one look for the brilliant uncirculated but also for errors. These errors happen to be in Jefferson nickels, which are his pendchant, and fortunately for him. One good find was a 1996-P Jefferson nickel which was struck twice.

Resourse: Numismatic News July 22, 2008.

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