The Family Sandifer and the Dumpster Collectibles Campaign

There are stories of finding antiques and collectibles in the most unlikely places. Flea markets, antique shops, your grandma’s attic. But, the dumpster?

Well, yes. As the Sandifer family was headed to the American Presidential Experience in Denver, they passed by INVESCO Field the day after the acceptance speech of Senator Barack Obama. Samuel, age 14, noticed a large blue dumpster overflowing with the official Obama campaign signs, the ones not used by the 80,000 delegates and guests the previous night. There must have been thousands of them, all in rather perfect condition. All shouting “Change.”

Being the enterprising young guy he is, Samuel urged his dad to stop and pick up as many as they could carry, back to friends, family and for sale on the Internet. At $2 each, plus shipping, anyone and everyone can now support Barack Obama’s quest for change in Washington, D.C., and even help Samuel pay for his eventual business degree at Harvard.

Samuel Sandifer behind the Resolute Desk while little brother Peter has fun below it

Oh, and Peter, age 9, will eventually have his name on one of his own campaign signs. He is the family presidential historian, the one with the most interest and the one most eager for his family to visit the American Presidential Experience. You see, Peter has his room decorated in George Washington blue by choice and has an avid interest in all things presidential.

The future president of the United States, Peter Sandifer, already hard at work

Dad, Samuel, and mom, Suzanne, also have a strong interest in the history of America, which is why both sons share the same passion. These parents don’t have to struggle to tour historic sites with their two young sons. The sons usually lead the way.

See a video of the family’s forays into the dumpster at Sandifer Family Video.

Editor’s note: For their help in this unique “recycling” effort, the Sandifer family was treated to VIP access to the Air Force One and the Oval Office exhibits at the American Presidential Experience and a special tour by Worthologist Tom Carrier, who is a White House expert. It was the perfect reward for two future presidents.

At left, the Sandifers on Air Force One, on right, in the Oval Office.

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