Francisco Vargas wax dolls

i am looking for someone whose is knowlegeable in Fransico Vargas wax dolls. ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born in 1825, Francisco Vargas Sr. was a native of Mexico who arrived in the United States by covered wagon in 1864 and found his way to New Orleans several years later. By 1875, he had set up shop on Royal Street, making wax sculptures, a trade he had learned as a boy from a Jesuit priest. Though beeswax sculptures had been produced for centuries by various cultures, Vargas was part of a resurgence in popularity for the art form, which had started in Mexico during the mid-1800s. Instead of focusing on religious images, Vargas embraced a wider variety of subjects and found a niche in creating human figures and animals as well as fruits, vegetables and flowers. Among the most highly prized of his works were lifelike sculptures of American Indians, often shown in vigorous activities such as riding a horse or hunting with bow and arrow. Vargas’ original sculptures were known for their complexity and intricate detail, which included such minute features as eyelashes, hair and even beads of perspiration.

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