Ft Leavenworth Militaria Show Review

Reenactors chat in front of a WWII German field tunic and a deactivated German MG34 machine gun.
A very nice WWII Chaplain display.
A selection of antique powder horns beside two boxes of vintage ammunition in their original boxes.
A WWII German officer field tunic and visor cap piped in bright yellow for signals.
Two dealers swap stories beside their inventory.
A dealer dressed in WWII US attire mans his dealer table.

A sample of the treasures found inside a dealer's case.
A wonderful selection of WWI 1911 .45 autos.

I just got back from the 14th annual Fort Leavenworth Militaria Collectibles show located at the Frontier Conference Center. I have attended this event 5 or 6 times and enjoy making the drive. This show (like most) is an opportunity to meet up with collecting friends I only see once or twice a year and to network with dealers. Although I did not purchase anything this time, I met a dealer who has a uniform group I am seriously interested in and we are working out a deal. Had I not attended, I would have never met this individual or seen his amazing uniform group.

Early bird still gets the worm because two of my friends who live minutes from the show got in when doors opened and scored several nice pieces. One friend acquired the cleanest WWI USMC “bell crown” visor cap I have ever held! He also found a very clean WWII 4th Division USMC named uniform for a fraction of current market value. My other friend found handfuls of nice vintage patches for super prices. Admittedly, I did not spend any time digging through boxes and tubs this year, but I am confident I would have found stuff to take home if I would have actually hunted.

I met with Jerry Brown, the show promoter and he said there were 90 tables this year, which is about the same number they have every year I attend. This show attracts not only militaria collectors, but reenactors dressed in their regalia, military vehicle enthusiasts, and military personnel from the base.

I had a great time this year and I plan on making it out again in 2009.

Chris Hughes is a WorthPoint Worthologist specializing in 20th century militaria and the owner of Rally Point Militaria and Vietnam Uniform – Military Collectibles sites.

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