Geek Speak New Comic Day Edition 1/16/08

robin issue 170

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for the first “New Comic Book Day” edition of Geek Speak! Every Wednesday I’ll be ranting and raving about the new books and giving you an idea on what us geeks are reading/collecting. So, enough talk, lets get down to the meat of the matter! It’s new comic day!

If you’re a comic nerd like myself then every Wednesday is special! Of course I’m talking about new comic day, the day that comic nerds every where flock to their neighborhood comic shop to carefully pluck the new books from the shelves like nerdy citrus farmers handling delicate fruits. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit of a condition freak and inspect each book I buy for printing flaws or shipping damage. After all, unless you’re collecting garbage, your books should be as close to mint as possible.

Now, if your not a complete addict like me you may be saying to yourself, “Matt, I have a life, friends, maybe even a wife or girlfriend, and neither the time or the wherewithal to wade through the garbage to get to the good stuff. What should I be reading?”. Well my friend, that’s why I’m here. Here’s a short list of this week’s books that I‘m excited about.

Robin #170, DC Comics, by Chuck Dixon and Chris Batista:
Batman legend Chuck Dixon makes his return to the core Bat-family books with this issue of Robin. Robin #170 is the perfect chance for the casual reader to jump on to a new storyline by and all-star writer artist duo. Dixon was one of the quintessential Bat-writers of the 90’s and is also currently writing Batman and the Outsiders.

New X-Men #46, Marvel Comics, by Kyle Yost and Humberto Ramos:
The Messiah Complex storyline continues in this issue of New X-Men. With rumors of more X-Character’s deaths before this crossover ends the entire Messiah Complex storyline has been heating up and now is a great time to jump into the X-men while these issues are still affordable. Messiah Complex has been good fun in the vein of the classic X-men-crossover of the 1980‘s and marks a great jumping on point for readers/collectors new and old. For a complete Messiah Complex checklist check out my previous blog entry.

The Umbrella Academy #5 of 6, Dark Horse Comics, By Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba:
When I heard this book was written by the lead singer of the pseudo-goth-pop-punk band My Chemical Romance I was hesitant, to say the least, to jump on board. Man was I wrong. The Umbrella Academy is so much fun it upsets me that this is only a six issue limited series. Umbrella Academy is campy yet gritty science-fiction superhero action at its best with stunning art by one of my favorite new artists, Gabriel Ba. Although the #0 issue has become difficult to find it is still available on eBay for around $5-$10 and, if this series continues, will not only hold it’s value but probably sky-rocket in price. I encourage you to take the time and find issues 0-4, you’ll thank me later To sum up, can’t stand Way’s music but love his comics. Go figure?

Of course this is just a very short list of this weeks new books and there’s plenty of other great stuff on the shelves to read. Now get to your friendly neighborhood comic shop and start collecting!

Until next time true believers!


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