Geek Speak New Comic Day Edition 1/23

Ok it’s not Wednesday, it’s Friday but, better late than never. This week was a rather small one for new books, I found myself bringing home only six. Shameful I know but I until I can convince the Worthpoint overlords to buy my books for me on a weekly basis, my own pocket book will have to do all the heavy lifting. Anyway lets get to it:

X-Men 207, Marvel Comics, by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo
This is it , the issue that changes everything, the end of the Messiah Complex storyline and the death of a Major X-character. A death that honestly caught me by surprise. After this everything changes; Wolverine becomes the team leader of the new X-Force book, X-Men becomes X-men Legacy and New X-Men Academy X becomes (the much shorter and aptly titled) Young X-men. This is a must have for any X-fan.

Iron Man 25, Marvel Comics, by Daniel Knauf and Rob De La Torre
It’s the return of Tony Stark’s original nemesis, the Mandarin! This storyline has been building for about six issues now and looks to conclude next month. Subsequently Iron Man has been investigating a series of superhuman murders in my hometown, Omaha NE, which is fun but it’s pretty obvious the creative team didn’t come to visit before setting the Mandarin’s base of operations in Nebraska. I do love De La Torre’s art however and seeing Tony in the old armor is always fun. This book is worth the price of admission for the cover painting alone.

Young Avengers Presents Patriot, 1 of 6, Marvel Comics by Ed Brubaker and Paco Medina

Young Avengers, one of my favorite new series centering on a younger generation that had been influenced by the original Avengers, isn’t making its triumphant return yet. But this six issue series focusing on each member of the team should hold us over until O.C. scribe Alan Heinberg brings his fan-favorite series back to a monthly schedule. Didn’t the O.C. get canceled? What is Heinberg doing anyway? After checking the Internet Movie Database it seems he’s writing and Co-executive producing some show called Grey’s Anatomy. Good luck with that. When you’re done doggy paddling in the baby pool that is network television maybe you can come make some serious money, with the big fish on the comic book industry. But I digress, Ed Brubaker writes great comics and this one is no exception. Patriot meets Bucky, who may be wearing the Captain America costume very soon.

That’s it for this week. I plan to use my extra time this week by seeing the new Rambo movie and emailing Alan Heinberg to try and figure out why people think Patrick Dempsy is sexy. He has a voice like a little girl for crying out loud!

So until Mischa Barton gets drunk and crashes a Shield Hovercar, make mine Marvel!


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