Getting started – it’s a process, right?

For a while I’ve been collecting sale-able (I hope) collectibles with the idea of setting up an online storefront and/or selling on ebay and/or selling locally in consignment shop, periodic yard sales, or some similar format.

I’ve developed some health problems and disabilities over the past several years that have made it difficult to earn a living in my long-term field. I’m looking for alternative sources of income. Buying and reselling collectibles, especially given my fondness for flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, and dumpster diving, seems like a good possibility.

Ironically, I had this idea before my health deteriorated, I bought a couple of the old heavy long folding banquet tables, hurt my back around the time of my first yard sale attempt. I can no longer do the lifting required to sell in a situation where things need to be moved around enmass.

I’ve been buying and dabbled in selling through online auction sites for years but never got going full tilt at selling. I know enough about that format to know I want a side-by-side online storefront independent of any auction site.

I’ve also dabbled in setting up storefronts through some web services, but I am uncomfortable about the level of control they wield over my “territory.”

I am happy to have found WorthPoint and a community which I hope will give me a boost in the right direction(s).

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