The Glass Art of the Cambridge Glass Company

Cambridge Glass Co, clear glass items
Cambridge Glass Co, blue glass items
Cambridge Glass Co, glass vases and creamers
Cambridge Glass Co, glass figurines
Cambridge Glass Co, colored examples

The Cambridge Glass Co. was one of America’s premier glass companies in the 20th century. It was founded in 1873, but its factory did not open in Cambridge, Ohio until 1901. The factory’s first piece of glass was a three pint pitcher produced in May, 1902.

After ownership changes, the company went out of business in 1958 as a result of the influx of cheap, foreign made glass.

Cambridge Glass was an innovator of colored and etched glass. Its glass colors included moonlight blue, pink, emerald green, amber, gold-encrusted and a creamy, opaque hue called Crown Tuscan that can range from light pink to dark tan.

Their etched glass styles included Rosepoint, Portia, Diane, and Minerva. Their most collectible etched glass is Rosepoint. It was made as a complete table set and could be found on three different blanks.

Caprice is probably one of the most collectible pressed patterns of Cambridge. It is generally found in moonlight blue. Some pieces sell for a few thousand dollars.

Cambridge also made figurines that could be used as flower frogs – bashful Charlotte, two kids, and the rose lady. They also made ball vases with a keyhole stem in all the colors that are collectible.

The Cambridge molds were purchased by the Imperial Glass Co., which went out of business in 1984. Many of the old Cambridge molds were sold again to other glass companies, as well as an Ohio not-for-profit organization, National Cambridge Collectors Inc., that operates the Cambridge Glass Museum in the company’s hometown.

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