Grueby Faience Vase a Multi-Thousand Dollar Piece of Art Pottery on eBay With No Reserve!

Every once in a while a fantastic antique comes on eBay to be offered without reserve. I’m talking about a collectible that you’ll usually find in the catalog of the likes of Sotheby’s & Christies or another major auction house.

The subject of this post, a 8.5″ Grueby Faience, 7 Petal Cucumber Matte & Mottled Green Vase is such an item. It’s truly a stunning American Art Pottery Vase.

This is a consignment from a New England estate. The executor of the estate has asked me to auction it on eBay. The auction will start on Thursday evening May 22nd 9pm eastern time and end on Sunday evening June 1st at 9pm. I hope you stop by and take part in the bidding, or let a friend know that this rare find is going up for auction with no reserve!

Examples of Grueby Faience Vases can be found at Sotheby’s by clicking on the link below.

Here’s link to a Sotheby’s page with 3 examples of Grueby Faience Vases from $15,000 to $100,000

If you know of any serious collectors, please send them a link to the auction or this site.



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