Help, What are these?

I came into possession of two pins or badges that I inherited from a relative’s estate. They were acquired in England sometime during World War Two. Any information that anyone may have concerning these would be appreciated.

The first is a cross-shaped badge (about 3″ across) that is gold plated or enameled, has colored gems or glass on the wings of the cross, and has a circular center bearing the busts of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The inscription around the busts reads in latin, “Victoria Regina Magnae Britanniae Albertus Dux Saxoniae.” On the obverse side, there is a depiction of a male and female couple seated in a chariot being pulled by what appear to be two angels. Also, there are two angels above the couple holding circular objects (perhaps wreaths or crowns?). Around this depiction there are words that say, “Felices Quos Jungit Amor” and “Die X.M. February MDCCCXI” Last statement is somewhat faded.

Second item is a brooch or pin that bears a coat of arms featuring a lion on the left and either a horse or salamander (can’t really tell which) on right, a shield in the center that says “Honni Soit Qui Mal Y Pense” (Supposed to be an Order of the Garter motto), a crown atop the shield and some words inscribed below the shield (which are somewhat faded) — “Dieuet Mon Droit” The words are faded in that phrase, so that’s what I can best make out. The coat of arms is mounted on a circular, black background, and from the outer perimeter of the circle there protrudes a number of alternating short and long gold spikes, giving the whole badge the appearance of a sun with rays.

If anyone has any ideas as to what these items may be, I would appreciate your help. Photos of these items are posted on the worthpoint website.