Hispanic Heroes of the Marvel U

Ronin revealing herself to be Echo
Cover of Daredevil v2 #9
Cover of New X-Men #118
Cover of New New Warriors #3, Tempest is on the far left
Arana as pictured on the Cover of Arana: Heart of the Spider #1

Continuing my theme of Hispanic Superheroes, today we’ll be looking at a few of Marvel Comics famous Latinas. While the list of Marvel’s Hispanic heroes is slightly longer than DC’s I was a little shocked to notice that there were no major-first tier characters on it. I’m not pointing any fingers here, just making an observation. The only character on the list that had their own on-going series was Arana (pronounced A-ron-ya).

Arana’s book, now canceled, followed the adventures of Anya Corozon, a Latina of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent who works as the agent of the mysterious Spider Clan. The Idea of the Spider Clan was first introduced during J. Michael Straczynski’s controversial run on Amazing Spider-Map. Arana, which translated means “heart of the spider”, has abilities similar to Spider-Man but can also create a blue exo-skeleton to protect her. Her ablilites come from a mystic tattoo given to her by the Spider Clan during her initiation. Anya’s first appearance was in “Amazing Fantasy” v2 #1, Marvel Comics 2004, which currently guides for $4.00 in Near Mint condition. Arana can be seen monthly in the pages of the current Ms Marvel series.

Angel Salvador was introduced during Grant Morrison’s run on X-men as student at the Xavier institute who sprouted insect wings after emerging from a cocoon she created shortly after her mutant powers manifested. Currently Angel is de-powered, after the events of “M” Day when the majority of the mutants in the Marvel Universe lost their powers (see the “House of M” storyline) but she continues to fight crime under the code name Tempest with the latest incarnation of the New Warriors. Angel wears armor that gives her fire, ice, wind, and flight abilities. When Angel first appeared in the X-men she was black but with her reappearance in the New Warriors she is now a Latina. As of yet this racial change has not been explained. Hey, it’s just a comic book. Angel’s first appearance was in New X-Men 118, Marvel Comics 2001, which guides for $3.00 in Near Mint condition. Angel can currently be seen monthly in the pages of New Warriors. For More on Angel Salvador check out this complete bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel_Salvadore

For the first several issues of “New Avengers” the group had a mystery member who went by the name of Ronin. Ronin was sent to the Avengers by Daredevil because he could not accept their invitation to join. Trusting Daredevil, the group allowed Ronin to join the team only to later find out that Ronin was actually Maya Lopez, the Hispanic-Native American daughter of a close former business partner of the King Pin (Daredevil’s arch-nemesis). Lopez is deaf but has the ability to perfectly mimic any physical action she witnesses thus making her an amazing martial-artist. Before becoming Ronin and attempting to clean up the Yakuza crime ring that was partnered with the Hand, a Japanese group of mystical Ninja terrorists, Lopez went by the moniker of Echo and had vowed revenge on Daredevil for the death of her father. Later she would discover that the King Pin killed her father and thus became a hero and ally of Daredevil. Echo’s first appearance was in “Daredevil” v2 #9, Marvel Comics 1999, which guides at $3.00 in Near Mint Condition. Echo can be seen monthly in the pages of “New Avengers”. For a complete bio on Maya Lopez click here:

Again,this is just a partial list of the actively appearing Hispanic heroes in the Marvel and DC universes. There are many more worthy of discussion so feel free to post your favorite Hispanic heroes here. Don’t forget pics if you can find them.

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