Hollywood Museums in Vietnam and Ohio

The movie poster for “A Christmas Story.” The movie came out 25 years ago, but has a huge following, and now, the house in Cleveland, Ohio, where the exterior shots were taken is a museum dedicated to the movie.

Hollywood Museums in Vietnam and Ohio

By Allan Maurer

The interest in movie memorabilia stretches from Cleveland, Ohio to Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam.

We ran across two interesting items about museums with mouth-watering collections. Thirty years ago, Nguyen Thanh Liem worked at a Beverly Hills beauty parlor and had a steady clientele of movie stars from the silent era to western and action films popular in movie heyday.
Liem collected about 2,000 signed photos of Hollywood stars, many from the silent era, as well as 40,000 costumes, more than 1,000 pairs of shoes that once belonged to famous singers and Hollywood stars, as well as some of their love letters.

The collection includes many other pop cultural items, including documents about John F. Kennedy and other signatures from United State presidents and vice presidents, mementos of Muhammad Ali, and memorabilia focused on Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Madonna.

For the full story “A hair-dresser turns curator with a personal collection of Hollywood memorabilia,” click here.

A Christmas Story Museum

“You’ll shoot your eye out!” says Ralphie Parker’s mother about his dream of having Santa deliver a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas in the holiday favorite movie “A Christmas Story.”
This Thanksgiving, a number of the original cast members, including Scott Schwartz, who, as Flick, got his tongue frozen to the flagpole, and Ian Petrella, the actor who played Raphie’s little brother, will celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary at the plain clapboard house in Cleveland, Ohio, used to shoot all the exterior shots in the film.

The house is now a museum that displays props, costumes, memorabilia and photos from the movie, which fan Brian Jones opened in 2006. The museum draws about 35,000 visitors a year. Across the street, at the gift shop, you can buy a talking Ralphie doll.

To visit the “A Christmas Story” Museum website, click here.

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