Honoring Ireland with coins and a Guinness

Honoring Ireland with coins and a Guinness

The “Emerald Isle” is beautiful, but also steeped in its share of trouble. Its coins reflect this history.

Here I feature a 1966 10 shilling coin. This coin commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the most significant uprising against British rule since the rebellion of 1798. Beginning in Dublin on Easter Monday April 24, 1916, the nationalists declared the Irish Republic and held out for six days. Both sides reported a total of 514 killed and 2,614 wounded.

The front of the coin features the profile of Patrick Pearse, one of the leaders of the revolt to be court-martialed and executed by the British Army. The reverse of the coin shows CĂșchulainn, a mythical Irish warrior hero.

Other Irish coins in my collection I am featuring are some pence from the 1960s, an 1806 Hibernia one pence coin, and an 1813 10 pence silver bank token. On top, I have featured a dated 1911 postcard of Uncle Sam welcoming an Irish lad to America with a toast of spirits. Beginning in the 1850s, millions of Irish left their homeland in search of prosperity. Today, Ireland has a bustling economy and is known worldwide for its graciousness and hospitality. So let us tip a glass of Guinness to the Emerald Isle.

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