Houston Astros Team Collectibles

Since I’ve lived in Houston my entire life, it seems appropriate to write a blog about some of the greatest Houston Astros team collectibles. I’ve been an Astros’ fan since I was a little one, and even though the team has never won a World Series (darn you Chicago White Sox!) the team has a great history and some important collectibles.

– Colt 45 Bobble Heads- Not too long ago, I wrote a post talking about some of the most valuable bobble heads to come out of the world of sports collectibles. Topping the list was the Colt 45 set of bobble head dolls. Before they became known as the Astros, the Houston baseball team was the Colt 45s. Since the name “Colt 45s” was used for only a few years, any collectibles bearing this name are highly desirable and very rare. Some colt 45 bobble heads have sold for nearly $10,000. And you thought bobble heads were silly toys!

– 1968 All Star Game Pennant- in 1965, the Houston Astros became the first major league team to play inside a domed stadium. The Astrodome took the sports world by storm. People came from all over to see this “eight wonder of the world.” Not surprisingly, Houston was awarded the host city of the 1968 MLB All Star Game. This amazing experience spawned many collectibles. One of the most valuable of them is the 1968 All Star Game Pennant. In good condition, these pennants can fetch up to a few hundred bucks at an auction. They represent a historical time for the city of Houston and Major League Baseball, and I think it belongs on this list of top Houston Astros team collectibles.

– Playoff Series Programs- Although the Astros have yet to win a World Series, the team has experienced some success in the playoffs. One popular collectible for teams who make the playoffs is the program issued to fans and members of the media. The most rare and valuable Houston Astros playoff program is the 1981 Division Playoff Series program. Copies of this program are scarce, and a mint conditioned copy could earn someone an amount n the low hundreds.

– Bagwell and Biggio Dolls- For Houston baseball fans, the names “Bagwell” and “Biggio” are synonymous with the Houston Astros. These two athletes are legends in Houston. They guided this team throughout the years into the playoffs and into the team’s first World Series appearance (okay Bagwell didn’t play much that year, but he was still a team leader.) It’s only fitting that the Astros are issuing interlocking dolls of the two during games this year. Fans that want the dolls have to attend two separate games to get them since they are released on different days. While these dolls may not be worth much now, the great moments in Houston sport’s history they represent makes them top Houston collectibles.

– Nolan Ryan Jersey- If you’ve read more any of my blog posts, you probably know how much of a Nolan Ryan fan I am. I grew up watching this amazing pitcher, and he simply must be included in this list of Houston sports collectibles. Frankly, any Nolan Ryan Astros collectible could fit on this list, but my favorite is the signed 80s Astros uniform. The rainbow jersey evokes a flood of memories of games I watched as a child. A signed Nolan Ryan 80s Astros jersey could easily sell for $500 today.

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