How to load an item on WorthPoint

Assuming you have already registered on the site, the simplest way is to:
1. Locate the mustard colored “Add Your Items” tab in the middle of the landing page and click it.
2. A new screen will appear with several fields. Only the following are important to this process:
a. Item Name- (Enter the name of your item)
b. Description- (Describe your item)
c. Browse categories Link (Look through the categories and if possible, select the appropriate category for your item).
d. Tag- (Tags are words that help people locate you item in searches)
e. Item Story- (Tell us how you obtained this item, why it’s special to you, etc)
f. Collection- (This is a drop-down menu that lists your personal collections. Note: you have to create collections before they will appear in this window.)
g. Estimated value- (Optional)
h. Look over your submission for typos, then click the green “Submit” button to add your images
3. A new screen appears that allows you to select images from your computer by clicking the “Browse” button.
4. Once you have selected the image(s) you want click the “Save” button and you are done!

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