How to Store Your Baseball Cards

If you have been following my series on how to start a baseball card collection, you already know how to choose which cards best suit your collection and where you can find them.

Part 1 “How to Start a Baseball Collection”

Part 2 “Where to Find Baseball Cards”

In this third part of “Starting a Baseball Card Collection,” I want to discuss how you can store your cards in a way that will preserve their integrity and keep them organized.

Many of my cards are stored in baseball card albums. These albums are similar to photo albums, and are popular because they provide an easy way to display your collection. These binders are full of plastic sheets that hold 9 cards a piece. You can simply turn through the pages and view the cards in your collection.

It is worth noting that I do not keep my most valuable cards in these albums. I use the baseball card albums to hold my lower/mid-level cards. The reason for this is that the pages are handled and flipped through so often that you run the risk of a card being damaged from excessive handling and overexposure. Maybe I am a little overprotective, but I don’t like to take chances with my more valuable cards.

I also have a large number of cards stored in individual plastic sleeves. There are 2 main varieties of these plastic sleeves: soft and hard. I like to place my more expensive cards first in a soft sleeve and then into a hard plastic covering. These hard plastic sleeves, also known as top loaders, are an excellent choice for protecting your mint cards because they protect the fragile corners from getting bent.

Serious collectors may wish to take their protective measures even further by using screw down cases. These cases are typically reserved for the most expensive baseball cards as they can be fairly expensive. A screw down case consists of 2 thick plastic sheets that screw together to hold the card firmly in place. If you have a rare, pricey card that you want to make sure no one ever touches, a screw down case will provide you with the security that you require.

Using all of these plastic sleeves leads to the obvious question: What do I do with all of these cards in sleeves? In order to best protect your investment, you need to buy special baseball card storage boxes. These boxes come in a variety of sizes to meet your collection’s storage demands.

In addition to providing protection for your collection, these boxes also help you keep your cards organized. You can organize your cards by year, team, brand, or price range. What is important is that you organize it in a way that makes sense for you. An organized collection is easier to preserve and manage because you always know where all of your cards are.

There are a variety of ways to store your baseball cards. The method you choose is determined by the value of your collection, the space you have for storage, and your budget. The main thing is that you do not leave your cards exposed to damage from outside forces. Store your investment in a cool, dark place so that they do not lose their value from heat and light damage. Remember, an organized collection is a happy collection!

Online supply sources:

BCW Supplies – online source for purchasing albums

Pro-Mold Direct – online source for purchasing screw down cases

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