How to Submit a Comic Book Question

house of secrets 92

Recently I have been contacted by a couple of members that were confused as to what information I would need to help them in figuring out what kind of comics they had and how much they were worth. This got me thinking. I’ve noticed that there isn’t a currently a Worthologist question format for each category so I decided to make one just for comics.

If you are posting a comic book question the best way to get it answered quickly is to post the name of the book along with the issue number, publisher, date of publication and cover price in the title of the question.

For example;

Title: House of Secrets #92, DC Comics, 1971, .15 cents

The publication date can usually be found at the bottom of the inside cover or on the first page.

In the body of the question you can then post your actual question.

For example;

I was wondering what this book is worth? Please help!

At this point I have all the information I generally need to give this person a solid guess as to what they have and how much the book sells for in varying conditions.

so remember, use the title to give me the vital information (title, issue number, publisher, publication date, cover price). If you can’t figure one of these things out just give me as much as you can. A title and issue number is a great start and will speed your response greatly.

You can also post your question in the forum section of the comic books community but make sure to post in the questions section as well.



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