I have a newly acquired plethora of Antiques, Art, Collectables

I am 51 years old and have been a musician/bandleader all my life as was my father and although he died hen I was 15, it was music or baseball, and he wasn’t there to kick my ass any longer so I picked the easy road. Can’t say it hasn’t given me alot, but it’s taken quite a bit from me too – as well as from some people I love…anyway,I hope I’m in the right place – I have some art – oil paintings, many antiques of all kinds from my grandparents estates,and sad to say, I have to be selling quite a bit of the things.
This is unlike any website I’ve been to and maybe I’m way off base being here, but I have a few pics(and much more to take, yet) and if someone has thye time to contact me and at least tell me if I’m in the right ballpark, that’d be great. My sincere Thanks, Marc

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