If I Ran the eBay Zoo!

dr seuss eBay zookeeper

Last week on May 17th, my favorite online auction magazine Auctionbytes, ran a great little lighthearted article titled “If I Ran the eBay Zoo”.  It was a takeoff on a Dr. Suess book and it invited readers comments and suggestions concerning the recent eBay kerfuffles.
Being a lifelong fan of Dr. Suess, an avid follower of Auctionbytes and a 10 year eBay veteran, I had to get my two cents in, so here is what I entered on the AB blog. Why not pop on over to Auctionbytes when your done here to check out the latest in auction news? Maybe you’ll be inspired to enter a comment yourself.

If I Ran the eBay Zoo

Here’s what I’d do if I ran the eBay Zoo,
I put a real licensed auctioneer on the  board
Or maybe two!

I’d spit shine my support team, and suck back up to the antiques seller’s.
It sometimes seems eBay hates these poor gals & fellers!

I’d get back to the business of being the best auction online,
I’d sit back in my big leather chair,
knowing things will be fine!

I’d try to correct any mistakes I surely would make,
and lose that arrogant attitude of “let them eat cake!”

And I wouldn’t be afraid of Amazon, eBid, or stockholders that turn blue,
I’d just let eBay, be eBay again,
if I ran this Zoo!

You can find more of the author’s work at Auctionwally.com where he writes in a much less silly manner for the most part.

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