The Importance of Joining an Organization & Attending Conventions

Convention Displays always create Interest!

For over 25 years I was a trivet collector without a national group to represent me. Although I was the Leader of a prosperous Internet Trivet Group with over 250 cyber members, I longed for real world interactions with other collectors.

By chance, in 2003 I learned of and joined the Midwest Sad Iron Collectors Club, a national group for Iron & Trivet collectors. For several years I kept up with the MSICC activities through their quarterly Newsletter, but I never quite got around to attending their yearly Convention.

To make a long story short, in 2007 our daughter moved to Cincinnati- so my husband and I made the decision to travel to Indianapolis that August for the MSICC Iron Auction and Convention. We squeezed in a day visit to Mary before returning home.

We had such a wonderful time in 2007 that I attended again this year (2008) when it was held in Kansas City! Now my future plans will always include attending the Annual Convention.

Why is meeting, networking and socializing with other collectors so important? Because it inspires and energizes us as collectors! It gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge, while learning more about the hobby we love. And it provides the opportunity for Buy/Sell/Trade activities, which is especially important to specialized collectors who appreciate the chance to deal directly with others who understand the history, rarity and value of their items.

So … seek out and join an organization that addresses your collecting interest!

If you are interested in Trivets, Irons or other Laundry Day Collectibles, you would benefit from joining Pressing Iron & Trivet Collectors of America (formerly the MSICC; the name was changed in August 2008 to better reflect the demographics and interests of the members). For more information, contact PITCA.

Lynn Rosack is a Worthologist who specializes in trivets and kitchenalia

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