The Inaugural Medal of Warren G. Harding

Woodrow Wilson 2d Inaugural Medal, 1917
Coolidge Inaugural Medal, 1925
Harding Inaugural Medal, 1921

President-elect Warren G. Harding wanted “…the most dazzling celebration in the memory of the present generation.” Fireworks, concerts, balls, parades, and the return of the inaugural medal. However, with the economy approaching deep depression, the political climate did not warrant an extravagent celebration. The president-elect himself decided against any inaugural celebrations apart from the official swearing-in and other formal official duties. One of the casualties was the official inaugural medal. Fewer than 70 were ever produced, 2 or 3 gold, 4 silver, and less than 60 bronze ones. They are highly sought after. Woodrow Wilson’s second inauguration produced only about 300 and Calvin Coolidge only produced about 80 inaugural medals in all. To find any of these authentic rare and scarce inaugural medals would be a coup to any presidential collection. For a great review of all inaugural medals, official or not, visit

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