An Internet Travel Guide for Trivet, Pressing Iron & Metalware Collectors

rosack-picThe search for information and for others with mutual interests is one of the most basic desires of the collector. I’d like to share some of my favorite Web sites from around the world. Many sites offer full viewing to nonmembers. Others require membership in order to access the expanded site. You are also invited to visit my Web site, Trivetology.

Hop on my imaginary jet, and let’s visit some destinations in the UNITED STATES!

Antiques of a Mechanical Nature
The primary focus of this Web site is the buying and selling of American antiques and collectibles related to tools and technology, scientific antiques, and patented and mechanical antiques and collectibles. However, it also provides a wealth of archived information. Be sure to explore the links in the tab along the left side of the home page.

CI&BTC—Cast Iron & Brass Trivet Collectors
This public eBay group was established in 2003 and currently has more than 320 members. It maintains one of the largest member-sponsored photo albums of any Web site. eBay membership (and an interest in trivets) are the only prerequisites for entering this site.

The Figural Cast Iron Collectors Club
Members of The Figural Cast Iron Collectors Club celebrate the artisanship and history reflected in antique and vintage figural cast-iron pieces.

My Antique Stove
My Antique Stove is an online community of restorers, collectors, owners and admirers of antique stoves. It’s a fascinating destination at which to research antique stoves, stove accessories, stove makers and stove restorations.

PITCA—Pressing Iron & Trivet Collectors of America
The Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America was founded July 22, 1984, in Owatonna, Minn., as The Midwest Sad Iron Collectors Club—MSICC. This organization boasts members in 40 states plus Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Shaker Brook Farm Antique Pressing Iron Museum
“The Original Community Page for Antique Pressing Iron Collectors” . . . everything about pressing irons and much more.

WAGS—Wagner & Griswold Society
WAGS is a society of cast-iron and aluminum cookware collectors. Its extensive database includes information on Griswold trivets and techniques for cleaning cast iron.

Now, let’s travel farther, and go INTERNATIONAL!

AUSTRALIA: Australian Iron Club
The Australian Iron Club was established in 1992 and meets regularly to discuss antique pressing irons.

FRANCE: PHER—Patrimoine Histoire et Etude du Repassage
PHER translates as the “Origin, History and the Study of Ironing.” This association of iron collectors was established in 1992. Its Web site can be viewed in either French or English.

SWITZERLAND: Club Suisse Des Amis Des Fers A Repasser Anciens
(Swiss Club of Friends of Antique Pressing Irons)
Although the Web site is not presented in English, it is, regardless, a feast for the eyes. Be sure to explore all the different tabs in the menu.

UNITED KINGDOM: AMS—Antique Metalware Society
The aim of the society is to increase the knowledge and appreciation of objects made of nonprecious metals and their alloys. Many aspects of metalware are studied including style, usage and methods of manufacture and history, with an emphasis on the study of domestic artifacts. The Web site features a glossary of terms, as well as an A-to-Z catalog of maker’s marks for copper and brasswares.

Lynn Rosack is a Worthologist who specializes in trivets and kitchenalia.

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