Hi fellow comic aficionados.

I’ve been lurking here and enjoying Matt’s articles over the past few weeks. He has a wealth of information to share but so far its mainly been a one-sided conversation. In the hopes of opening up participation I figured an introduction thread would be in order.

My name is Marc Benton and I’m the Director of Product Development at WorthPoint…and I’m also hopelessly addicted to DC comics (ok maybe a few Marvel heroes too). Since I was a kid I’ve been hooked on the mainline heroes such as Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and many of the lesser popular ones like Dr Fate and The Phantom Stranger. My all-time favorites, the ones I’ll drop whatever I’m doing if I hear the names, are Batman and the Justice League.

Over the years my collection has similarities to the Atom, it grows and shrinks and grows and shrinks. Right now I have about two collector boxes full in the basement. Hopefully I can pull them out and scan some covers in to build a WorthPoint collection (and maybe get some advice from Matt 🙂 ).

If you’re a collector of comics, even Marvel comics ;-), let us know who you are. I look forward to hearing from you.


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