Is it Time to Buy Royal Doulton Again?

Today’s Photo: Royal Doulton Tiger sold for $270 at Direct Auction, Chicago

In years past, I was a huge collector of the Doulton animal figurines but choose to sell them at the height of their range. Since then, I have watched as the prices of the Doulton animals have dropped, in some cases, as much as 75%. But, with the British Pound at a large premium to the dollar, now is the time to start watching those Doulton pieces again and consider buying.

Even I make mistakes on the things that I am most qualified on. This week at Direct Auction in Chicago, there was a 13” Doulton Lion that was going to be auctioned. I was thinking that I could make some money with that piece, but when Tuesday rolled around, I talked myself out of going to the sale. What a mistake that was. The piece sold for $270. I believe that on a good day, it could bring $1,000. Even after commission, the profit could have been over $600. Not bad for a Tuesday afternoon.

The story doesn’t stop there, however. Two mint condition early Hummel Umbrella Boy and Girl figurines, that in the past, sold for over $1,500, were being offered Tuesday at Direct Auction. They sold for $350 each to a dealer. They could easily have been sold for $650 apiece.

Whenever you preview an auction, always key in on at least one item that should do well for you if purchased right. When you attend that auction, and if you buy your key piece, everything else you buy just becomes a bonus. I might have every easily left $2,000 or more on the table by talking myself out of attending Direct’s auction. Shame on me. Even after all these years, I am still learning right alongside you. My only problem is that I seem to be learning some of these lessons all over again.

Like I told your several day ago, the good things are beginning to come to the market, so now is the time to really get active. Check every auction that is listed in your local paper or trade journal then the neighborhood paper if your community has one. Don’t forget to see what is appearing in on the Ruby Lane website in your area I have found great buys there. Take a look at and register to be notified of sales in your area. Winter is ending and many people are in a financial bind. People are eager to make changes and this will accrue to your benefit.

This is the time to see the basic principle that we teach come into play. By the end of the year, your eyes will be wide open to the potential that these markets offer you.

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