Kentucky Derby Items in the Worthopedia

It is called the fastest 2 minutes in sports. Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has fascinated horse race enthusiasts and brought fame to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. But, what about collectibles? Let’s head into the Worthopedia paddock first to see what we can bring to the starting gate.

First up, a glass jigger from 1945 for measuring the all important Kentucky sippin’ whiskey for the making of mint julips, the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. A very scarce item sold by Proxibid for $600.

Next up, is a 1940s era red mottled Beetleware glass. Any glass or specialty item from this era is particularly collectible as it was the beginning of Kentucky Derby collectibles. Sold by Proxibid for $1950.

And a winner in “The Kentucky Derby,” a lithograph from artist Haddon Sundblom depicting the winner of the 1941 Kentucky Derby, Old Rosebud coming around the clubhouse turn. Sold by Proxibid for $55.

An entire series of mint julip glasses from the 1982, 1992, 1993, and 1994 Kentucky Derby, 11 in all – sold by Proxibid for $50.

Aaaand, we’re off!

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