Khori Wasi Arte y Artesanías Latinoamericanos

Khori Wasi Arte y Artesanías Latinoamericanos is a gallery-style store with beautiful collections of contemporary and antique art and furniture collected from various parts of South America. Khori Wasi was created to expand the general perception of Latin American art from pre-Colombian times to the present day and to integrate regional styles, genres, and mediums to generate a more all-inclusive Latin art experience.

Located in a stately, well-preserved antique building that represents the characteristic architectural style of the San Telmo neighborhood, Khori Wasi offers a diverse selection of wooden furniture, functional and decorative ceramic art, works on canvas, religious and iconic art, regional textiles, and colorful fused-glass dishes and lamps.

The owners of Khori Wasi, a cultivated Argentine couple with backgrounds in art history and archaeology, spend a good portion of each year traveling from their Buenos Aires base to the far reaches of South and Central America and parts of the Caribbean, educating themselves and building their collection.

Centuries-old devotional wood carvings, both tribal- and missionary-inspired, from various parts of Peru, Mexico, and Argentina are in such beautiful condition that it’s difficult to believe the date markings. Mystical Amazonian masks, dolls, weavings, and blowpipes, among other common objects, are, on the other hand, crafted in such a primitive style that to think that the pieces are contemporary is just as hard to grasp. Also on view are stunning assortments of silver and precious stone jewelry, alpaca sweaters and blankets, and a variety of woven bags for men and women.

Khori Wasi also has an extensive set of 17th and 18th century “mestizo” works from the Cuzqueña School, a rare style of devotional painting produced by native artists with limited exposure to the Italian and Spanish Renaissance masters. The effect of these religious pieces is a resemblance to the aforementioned holy paintings, but with a strange, otherworldly absence of formal aspects such as perspective and incorporation of tribal elements to create a distinctive style.

Located below the store is a unique workshop where welders repair antique Argentine wrought-iron bed frames brought in by local owners who have either purchased the beds from the surrounding antique shops or received them as family heirlooms. Replicas of the exceptional bed frames (the originals date from the turn of the last century), are crafted by the in-house artists of Khori Wasi to preserve the Baroque style but with modern materials and techniques to improve on the quality and the lifespan of the pieces.

Khori Wasi is located in the San Telmo neighborhood, where the art, antiques, and culture of Buenos Aires flourish. A block away from the store is the Italian café Il Forno di San Telmo (Bolívar 933), where a mid-morning stop greets visitors with a tasty array of coffees, pastries, cakes, and empanadas.

Name: Khori Wasi Arte y Artesanías Latinoamericanos
Address: Perú 863
Phone number: 5411 4300 3784
Email address:

Khori Wasi is open from Tuesday through Saturday, 10a-7p.

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