Let Us Introduce You to Inkfrog

As all of you know, I am an active seller on eBay from the User ID WIlls1n4. One project I work on continually is downsizing my massive personal collections. To accelerate this process, I now sell under “Historyinphotographs” on eBay and Shopify via my website called HistoryinPhotographs.com. As I expand my inventory to sell, I am always looking for a listing tool that will make my workers and me more productive. I saw InkFrog and it looks like just the thing I need! While trying it out, I thought all of you might want to look at it as well.  I asked the folks at inkFrog to tell us more about what they do and here is their reply:
InkFrog is a tool for people wanting to sell on eBay, and it’s an excellent fit for WorthPoint users.   Once you identify how much an item is worth using WorthPoint, you can easily list and sell it onto eBay immediately and quickly with inkFrog.
Aside from streamlining the listing process, inkFrog has many other great features available to you:
  • Automatic feedback for your buyers once they pay for the item so you can focus on shipping it to them
  • Discounted shipping and insurance labels through their partnership with ShipSaver
  • Professional eBay listing templates which increase your chances of getting watchers, viewers, and buyers on your listings.
  • Powerful analytics where you can research how much your item has sold for historically on eBay and how much competitors are selling for the same or similar items
  • Integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Amazon which enable them to download your products from these stores and create eBay listings with them in seconds

Better still – you can try inkFrog free for 14 days (no credit card is required).   Click here to try it out.
Get started with inkFrog!

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