Magna Carta For Sale

Magna Carta seal
Magna Carta document
Magna Carter auctioned at Sotheby's

Recently, a historical document made big news when it surpassed all estimates at auction. Sotheby’s conducted the sale of the sole, privately owned copy of England’s Magna Carta. This landmark, 13th-century document was auctioned-off to Carlyle Group founder David Rubenstein, for $21.3 million. Billionaire Ross Perot was the previous owner of the highly historic document. The document represents the rise of due process over monarchal authority.

While a historic treaty is not easy to add to a home collection, documents, seals, and historic maps have long made for fine collectibles. Official documents are a great piece of history and are often housed in museums or institutions like the Library of Congress. Private collections of newspapers to deeds to wartime letters can document a community as it moves through history.

According to sales on Ebay, currently of particular interest in the world of historical documents are classic car titles. A 1949 Studebaker Pickup title is being listed at $250 as a piece of automotive history. Decrees signed and sealed by a state’s governor can also make for an interesting collectible – especially in the case of historic legislation or when the political figure is of special significance.

The Hard Rock Café, Inc. owns the original lyrics of many popular music hits. These official documents are on display in their restaurants and hotels and are highly valued collectibles.

From the Declaration of Independence to the Rolling Stones biggest hits, original documents can make for exciting collectibles.

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