Makeover for Sacagawea Dollar – 2009 Heralds New Reverse

Other Designs
Other Designs
Other Designs which were Submitted for 2009 Sacagawea Reverse
Other Designs which were Submitted for 2009 Sacagawea Reverse
Second Choice for Design
Closer View of Reverse of 2009 Sacagawea Dollar
Observe and Reverse of New Sacagawea Dollar

A new design for the reverse of the Sacagawea dollar coin is mandated by Congress. The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee viewed many designs in June and selected a female Indian planting maze (corn) in a field. This design is intended for use on the 2009 dollar coin, the first featuring a Native American theme. Each year thereafter a different Native American design will appear. The Indian maiden picking corn was chosen for the next minting. Second choice was “The Three Sisters” which I have shown in a photo. Other submissions are also shown.

Resource: Numismatic News July 8, 2008

  • This coin doesn’t have a date on it. Is that a mistake that was made by the Mint?

  • James Michael Anthony Jr

    I ask you

    Gold Dollar coin in Bank?

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