Mantiques: A Promising Store Name!

These carnival targets are plain jane, but a bargain for any carnival collector.
Mantiques Store Front
My wife and I strike an
Detailed shot of the ginger beer logo.
A nice pair of salt glazed ginger beer bottles
This is not an antique or even a collectible, but this print made me laugh so I thought I would share.
I scanned this marble bin but did not see any hand mades or transitionals.  Sorry Mr. Borsey!
Shop Owner George Treese giving me his sales pitch for a vintage machine woven spread that someone has artistically embellished with folk painting.  It was a bargain, but not my taste...
My wife snapped a pic of me checking out an antique Diston cross-cut saw with a comfortable finger hole grip.
This is a fraction of the antique license plates available at Mantiques!

On my return trip from the Fort Leavenworth Militaria Collectibles Show last Saturday, I stopped in Weston, MO to visit a few antique shops. Weston is a town known for antique hunting, but it also offers a nice historic home tour every year in December.

When I got out of the car, my eyes were immediately drawn to a sign marked “Old Geezer’s Mantiques.” A word like mantiques is like a promise that when I enter the store, I will not smell scented candles or potpourri, nor will I see stenciled crafts, newly made rag dolls and quilts, or newly made “primitive” brick-brac.

My assumptions were correct. The store contained many interesting items and plenty of good deals. Shop owner George Treese and I exchanged banter while I browsed through his inventory. Check out the images with captions of items I found interesting in Old Geezer’s Mantiques.

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