The Mark of Heisey Glass

Inferior Heisey Glass mark
Authentic Heisey Glass mark

Another interest we would like to intoduce you to is Heisey Glass, a favorite of Sheri for many years.

The A. H. & Heisey Company produced decorative glass pieces from 1896 to 1957 in Newark, Ohio. The National Heisey Glass Museum is located in Newark in the 1831 Greek Revival home of Samuel D. King which features galleries, a media center and a large collection of virtually every piece of known Heisey Glass ever manufactured including the original molds, patterns, and etchings.

An original Heisey piece features a rather distinctive mark that may not be readily noticed sometimes because at times the mark is either worn on the original pattern or it is placed in a somewhat awkward location. But, it can be found if you look hard enough.

The Heisey mark is really a capital H inside a diamond or Diamond H pattern similar to the image above from the National Heisey Glass Museum. Because of its collectibility, any companies want reproduce a Heisey mark on its counterfeit glassware, but fail to make it as clear as an original mark. An example, also from the National Heisey Glass Museum, shows an inferior Heisey mark.

With over 4500 pieces of glassware produced by the A.H. Heisey & Company, the ability to collect originals is very high and a very rewarding experience.

Visit the National Heisey Glass Museum at for more information on Heisey Glass.

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