Memories of Holiday Cheer, Worth the paper they are printed on

Holiday Greetings

The rich image printed on a early 20th. century Christmas Season postcard can evoke a spark of eternal hope within all of us.

Postcards became popularized to the American culture in the early 1900’s.They were first made popular in Great Britain and Germany and finally the U.S. when the postal service became more effective. Most of the postcards were printed in Germany and England, focused upon the American market.Postcards were popularly used most numerously used from the early 1900’s-1920’s. Arfter which telephones and sealed envelopes became more favored.

Most Christmas postcards published during this time, focus on the fantasy of Christmas rather than it just being a Christian holiday. It is images like these on fanciful cards that Christmas can live within every mans heart.

Santa Claus postcards are a category of collecting within itself. The notion of Santa Claus first appeared in American culture recounted back to 1809 where was reported to look like , ” A whiskered elf like man wearing a low broad brimmed hat” and a long robe.He also drove a flying wagon and delivered presents down the chimney to waiting children.

In parts of Europe, Santa was most often depicted as wearing a colorful robe in purple, gold or green and other regal colors. He also wore a belted coat with pants.It was not until the mid 19th. century in America that Santa was depicted as a white whiskered man wearing the tradional red suit with white fur trim. It is for these reasons that collectors persue Santa Claus postcards. The more rare cards may depict children playing Santa, a female, black Santa and even Uncle Sam has been known to dress like Santa on rare occassions.

I hope you enjoy the array of Santa postcards that I have exhibitied below.We have “The two little angles” from the anthromorphic presents playing by the fireplace to a dismayed child’s concern to the Telephone talking Santa and Santa in his tradional and non traditional clothing.

To you all, I wish a Happy Holiday ~ Edward

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