Militaria And Barbecue: Kansas City Show Review

M40 Single Decal w/ tropical camo liner
M40 Single Decal w/ tropical camo
Liner for Japanese Navel Landing Force helmet
WWII Japanese Naval Landing Force helmet w/ awesome net
Super clean SS HBT dot pattern tunic and trousers
Period repaint fixed bale w/ 2nd Division insignia (minus straps).  Could have been yours for $600.00.
Assorted German helmets
More vintage US military vehicles
Show and Tell.  The blouse of the left is part of a killer 503rd PIR group recently sold on ebay.
Assorted vintage US vehicles
High-end German Militaria (L to R): General's visor cap (in case), repro Normandy camo stalhelm,  SS Medical officer tunic, Army DD stalhelm, German Heer General tunic, and a Luftwaffe DD stalhelm.
Reverse side of the English made 506th PIR DI's
Prisine pair of WWII era, English made, pin-back 506th PIR DI's Allan Henderson sold to a mutual friend of ours.
Many tables of firearms and collectible weapons

I’ve attended the KC Military Show for over a decade and I cannot think of a time where I left the venue empty handed. Admittedly, this time I tried my best not to purchase anything because I just bought a WWII 2nd Bn. Ranger uniform group and I did not want to test my wife’s generosity with more purchases this month. I got sidetracked from my plan when I peeked at Allan Henderson’s table and saw a beautiful Eisenhower D-Day letter with a price I could not pass up. I had to snatch that as well as a few small dollar items. The rest of my time was spent visiting with friends and watching them spend money.

The show had approximately 280 tables (50 less than last year). This should not have been a surprise considering gas prices and the economy in general. Despite the smaller turnout, there was plenty of very nice militaria for sale. My interest is primarily in WWII and Vietnam, so my observations have that bias. I noticed more high-end German headgear this year, as well as some nice US and Japanese headgear (see images). There were a lot of US medals and medal groups, but most were higher than market price in my opinion. I did not see many breathtaking uniform groups for sale, but my friend picked up a very nice 511th PIR group on Friday with Ike jacket, two shirts, two OS (Overseas) caps, and trousers. Later that night we ID’d the Airborne vet in NARA as well as other sources.

The show had other staple attractions including military vehicle displays and static impressions. I noticed an impressive table of German Lugers as well as several WWII USMC and Army uniform and equipment displays. There was also a table of veteran buffalo soldiers to hear stories from.

One unrelated highlight that I need to mention is that on Friday night I had the best barbecue in my life at Hillsdale Bank Barbecue (Street: 201 Frisco Hillsdale, KS 66036 Phone: (913) 783-4333). It’s outside Kansas City, but so worth the drive. I had a half rack of spare ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, and sweet potato fries. Their sauce is award winning KC style and the meat was smoked to perfection.

I am definitely planning on attending the KC Military Show and Hillsdale Barbecue next year!

KC Military Show Hours:
Friday 5pm – 9pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 9am – 3pm

Chris Hughes is a WorthPoint Worthologist specializing in 20th century militaria and the owner of Rally Point Militaria and Vietnam Uniform – Military Collectibles sites.

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