Military Vehicles Past and Present

Military Vehicles Past and Present

by Ivan Delgado
images by Ivan Delgado and Doug Breithaupt

Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2
Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2
WC54 Ambulance (WWII), Johnny L.
Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2
Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2

22f Tank22c Motor truck

151a Medium tank

151b Covered wagon with cooker
trailer (151c)

153 Military jeep

152a Light tank

152b Reconnaissance car

162a Light Dragon tractor

162c 18-pounder gun

161a Lorry-mounted search light

161b Anti aircraft gun

669 Army jeep25WM Bedford Army truck

30hm/624 Daimler Army ambulance

30sm Austin Army truck

674 Austin champ

621 Bedford

622 Foden

623 Bedford

641 Humber Army trucks

281 Military hovercraft

612 Commando jeep

808 GMC wrecker

620 Berliet missile launcher

654 155 mm mobile gun

861 AMX 13 Tank

622 Bren Gun carrier

656 88 mm gun

691 Antitank striker

619 Bren gun set

616 AEC Tank transporter

745 Bell army helicopter676 Personnel carrier

670 Armored car

673 Scout car

660 Tank transporter

651 Centurion tank

626 Army ambulance

686 Field Gun

687 Gun trailer

688 Artillery tractor

692 Medium Gun

693 Howitzer

677 Command vehicle

642 RAF tanker

689 Artillery tractor

80d/818 Berliet army truck

80e/819 Howitzer

661 Recovery tractor

80a/815 Panhard EBR

80c/817 AMX tank

80f/820 Army ambulance

625 Antitank gun

682 Chieftan tank

680 Ferret scout car

682 Alvis Stalward

681 DUKW amphibian

694 Hanomag tank destroyer

692 Leopard tank

690 Scorpion tank

692 Leopard AA tank

667 Armored patrol tank

618 AEC helicopter transporter

744 Sea King Army helicopter80b/816 Hotchkiss jeep

665 Missile launcher

666 Missile erector

667 Missile servicing platform

824 Berliet Gazelle

883AMX bridgelaying tank

826 Berliet crane

821 Mercedes Benz Unimog

823 Field kitchen trailer

825 DUKW amphibian

822 M3 Half-track

828 Jeep with missiles

890 Berliet transporter

829 Jeep with cannon

814 Panhard AML

827 Panhard EBR

809 GMC troop transporter

615 Army jeep and howitzer

617 VW and antitank gun

813 Self propelled gun

609 105 mm howitzer

800 Renault Sinpar

810 Dodge command car

807 Renault army ambulance

676 Daimler armored car

668 Foden army truck

699 Leopard recovery tank

604 Bomb disposal land rover

602 Armored command car

687 Convoy army truck

693 Howitzer

Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2
Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2

1118-A1 Army truck1112-A1 Corporal rocket launcher414-A1 Army ambulance

1113-A1 Missile erector truck

358-A1 Oldsmobile staff car

1133-A1 US Army truck

359-A1 Field kitchen

354-A1 Army ambulance

355-A1 Military Police van

357-A1 Land Rover weapons carrier

356-A1 Army bus

1134-A1 Army tanket

905-A1-Su-100 Tank destroyer908-A1 AMX Recovery tank

907-A1 Rocket launcher

923-A1 Army Skycrane helicopter

906-A1 Saladin armored car

909-A1 Field gun set

GS 10-B1 Tank transporter

21-A1/A3 Army Land Rover

22-A1 Citroen army ambulance

66-A1 Centurion tank

83-A1 Armored car

84-A1 Scout car

900-A1 Tiger tank901-A1 Centurion tank

902-A1 M-60 tank

903-A1 Chieftan tank

904-A1 King tiger tank

96-A1 Field gun

157-A1 Army jeep

158-A1 Centurion tank

159-A1 Armored car

3029-A1 Military set (7 vehicles)

76-B1 US Army jeep

1135-A1 Army low loader

Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2
Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2
Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2

49-A5 M-3 Personnel carrier55-A3 DUKW54-A1 Saracen personnel carrier

61-A1 Ferret Scout car

62-A1 General Service lorry

64-A3 Scammell breakdown truck

63-A1 Ford Service ambulance

67-A1 Saladin Armored car

68-A1 Austin MKII Radio truck

71-A1 Austin 200 Gallon water truck

73-A1 10-ton Pressure refueler

MB3-D1 Hummer

MB 46-F/57-F17 Mission helicopter

MB30-C1 Swamp Rat

32-C2 Field gun

MB-38 C6 Jeep

Amphibious Personnel Carrier (2000)

M-4A3 Sherman tank (2000)

Ford Expedition MP vehicle (2000)

Rocket Launcher (Multiple Launch Rocket System)MB54-C2 Personnel carrier

MB54-J/61-G1 Abrams tank

MB70-C2 Self-propelled gun

MB73-B1 Weasel

M-3A3 Thornycraft Antar and

Centurion tank

Jungle Attack Set – Missile transporter

Jungle Attack Set – Command van

Set #36409 Caterpillar grader

Set #36409 Caterpillar Sheepsfoot


Sb-35-A1 Mil M-24 Hind-D


VMM01 Hummer

VMM02 Military Jeep 4X4

KING SIZEK-101-A3 Sherman tank

K-102-A2 M48-A2 Tank

K-116-A1 Troop carrier and towed

K-104-A3 King Tiger tank

K-105-A3 Hover Raider

K-106-A1 Tank transporter

K-107-A3 155mm self-propelled

K-108-A4 M3A1 Half Track

K-109-A1 M551 Sheridan

K-112-A1 DAF Ambulance

K-114-A1 Army aircraft transporter

K-115-A1 Army petrol tanker

K-117-A1 Self-propelled “Hawk”

rocket launcher

K-118-A1 Kaman Seasprite Army


MM-2-A1 Armored car transporter

K-103 A2 Chieftan tank

Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2
Roll Patrol CJ #9375 Hot Wheels

Battle Tank/Big Bertha #5272Battle Tank (M-113 with/turret) #4920Command Tank (M-113 with/turret) #9371

Tank Gunner/Gun Bucket (half-track) #9374

Rocket Tank #9380

Roll Patrol CJ #9375

Khali Kooler (MP Army van) #9183

Troop Convoy (2 1/2 ton truck) #4921Super Cannon (Patrol Buggy) #11378

Mercedes Unimog #4643

Assault Crawler #3338

Hummer #16906

Aw Shoot (#9243)

Shell Shocker (#2518) Howitzer

Tough Customer #7655

Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2 MAISTO

Commando Hum-V (Humvee)Ford GPM-923 A1 5-ton cargo truck with spare hoist assy.

M-923 A1 Military pumper

M-1 Abrams battle tank

M-3 Bradley Infantry Fighting vehicle

Ford 4X4 Flareside 1980’s pickup

AH-64A Apache helicopter (Tailwinds collection)

MH-60K Nighthawk helicopter (small scale)Bulldozer


Cement mixer

Truck with transport trailer

1/4-ton cargo vehicle (altered Hummer-like ATV)

Dodge RAM

Patrol Motorcycle

UH-60A Blackhawk helicopter (Tailwinds collection)

*Maisto issued a military playset with many reissues in military olive green and desert sand colors

Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2 YAT- MING

LAV with turret-mounted 105mm (?) gunLAV with guided rocket launcherBell Iroquois (Huey) helicopter


Self-propelled Missile launcher

World War II Tank

WreckerChinook helicopter

Anti aircraft tank

Modern battle tank

Long-range missile transporter (tracked)

Scout Helicopter

*All of these vehicles are marketed by Soldier Bear and come in blisterpacks or 5-vehicle playsets

Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2
Tank Gunner/Gun Bucket (half-track) #9374 Hot Wheels
Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2
M-13 Antiaircraft Half Track (WWII), Johnny L

WC54 Ambulance (WWII)GMC 6X6 Truck (WWII)M-1A1 Abrams (Desert Storm)

M-13 Antiaircraft Half Track (WWII)

Willy’s MB Scout Jeep (WWII)

M998 Cargo Humvee (Desert Storm)

Willy’s Jeep with Howitzer, Combat Pack #1Kubelwagen with defense barricade, Pack #2Patrol Boat with dock, Pack #3

Ferret Scout car with Hawk missile platform, Pack #4

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