More new webkinz

Hey veiwers it’s the three sisters telling you all the new kind of webkinz coming out this year. Just in case you don’t know whst webkinz is it is a website where you can have pets on. You can make food, play games, buy things, like clothes, food, books,and many more. You can wash your pet or you can wash your pets teeth and fase. You can garden too. Plus there is sooo much more. Here are a couple coming out this Augest… a American Albino, a fan tail gold fish, a cocoa dinosaur, a lil’kinz lamb, an orangatan and a lil’kinz blue jay. Coming out this July is the Toco toucan, a rottweiler, a crocodile, a bat, a snow man, and a spotted leopard. Coming after Augest is the llama, a clown fish, a velvety pig, a love monkey, a love puppy, a lil’kinz black and white dog, asilver back geroila, and a charmeld lion. Well thanks that is all now.

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