my 2nd day on the site

Well. I’ve managed to make a list of one of our collections — including pictures! It took my computer-challenged-self a while to get it done, but I got it done. Our almost 30 Jim Beam decanters are now on my page with pictures.
I also posted pics and questions about a 14k gold purse my Mom has had for over 35 years (given to her and don’t know how old it was then). We’ve always been curious about it and want more information. There was a self-proclaimed “know-it-all-about-anything-with-a-157-IQ” that responded telling me that the vagueness of my description on the maker’s mark would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But he did give me an ebay link to a much inferior type of purse that they were asking $4999 for. I emailed him later with a better pic of the maker’s mark upon which time he answered me saying that our purse looked like brass and suggesting that I should have it tested as to it’s gold content.
I can’t help the way the pic looks when I’m trying to get a good shot of a specific part of an item (i.e. the maker’s mark). The lighting in my house is awful and I’m an awful photographer. It may just be me, but I thought it close to insulting to imply that my item was actually brass instead of gold. I am not trying to misrepresent anything. I’m trying to find out more information about the item I have. We would love to know anything about what time and/or place it was made. We have no intention of selling it, so the value of it would be strictly an insurance thing. But we truly do want to know more about the purse. While I’m grateful for the ebay reference about how much someone else is wanting for an item inferior to ours, I would much rather have some genuine information — or leads as to where to look for more information — on our specific item.

Meanwhile — (okay, I’m done with my rant) — please enjoy the pics of our Jim Beam / Regal China collection. As I learn more, I will post more. Some may be for sale but, most likely, most will not.

Again, I thank the site and everyone else for the opportunity to share and ask questions.

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