My Introduction to Worthpoint and Worthpoint’s Intro to Me!

Just listened to Auctionwally’s interview with Worthpoint’s Will Seippel. I really enjoyed it, especially when Will talked about baseball cards and his ’52 Topps set, as baseball cards are my root to collecting.

There’s a smell in the air on certain Spring mornings which reminds me of an ice cream truck that used to roll by my Grandparent’s house in the late 70’s. The other kids poured out of their homes for ice cream, but my Dad always treated me to a pack of ’78 or ’79 Topps cards.

I remember the fateful morning at my other Grandparent’s house when my Dad and my Uncle completed a “deal” whereby my Uncle claimed all of the baseball cards from when they were kids, my Dad got all the Stamps. Dad became a pretty extensive stamp collector through the 1980’s, while Uncle Rick became a baseball card dealer at the start of that decade–man, those were fun times to be involved with baseball cards!

By the mid-80’s my Uncle paid me a wage to help work his tables, and soon after he gave me a couple of feet of space to sell my own cards. I used to help him out at a monthly live auction held in hotels on Long Island as well and I’d get to insert 8-10 lots myself.

I started doing card shows myself in 1989, graduating full-time in 1991 before throwing in the towel in ’93. I was vintage, though little by little I found I had to add some new items to get sales. After that I disappeared from the selling circuit for awhile, finished college, got a job, and discovered eBay in early 2000.

The competition with sports collectibles on eBay was pretty hot at that time, so I can now say it was with a bit of luck I won a mixed lot that included some movie star fan photos from the 1920’s.

Movie collectibles have been my area of specialty since about 2003. My site is filled with Photo Identification Guides of rare and collectible movie cards and collectibles, especially ephemera. I also have a section on my site dedicated to magazine collecting, an area which allowed me to deal with both sports and movie items as well as other items of interest such as literary appearances and coverage of historial events.

I’m a full-time dealer again since 2004 when I left that post-college job. In that time it’s been all early movie collectibles and magazine back issues. It’s been fun.

But I digressed quite a bit there. Anyway, my roots were relevant during that interview with Will Seippel because I found myself smiling at mention of card number 311 and then started shouting “Eddie Mathews!” at my computer screen as he tried to recall card number 407.

That’s the kind of involvement I like! I signed-up for WorthPoint recently on the tails of the initial GoAntiques announcement. I must admit I was intrigued. After listening to the interview tonight I found myself both inquiring about an item for sale here as well as requesting more information about being a Worthologist. Hopefully I can see both of those inquiries to fruition.

Looking forward to hanging around here a lot in times to come!

Cliff Aliperti

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