NBA All-Star Weekend’s 2014 Jam Session Collectibles Guide

The NBA has also produced some limited edition collectibles for the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend’s NBA Jam Session, including this multi-colored commemorative basketball.

Even if you weren’t able to make it to New Orleans for the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend, collectors will still have the opportunity to score some great collectibles and commemorative pieces produced specifically for this annual event. Coinciding with NBA All-Star Weekend is the accompanying NBA Jam Session, an interactive and themed celebration of the game of basketball and the NBA. From autograph-signing sessions to limited-edition trading cards, plenty of people will be returning home with some great mementoes from the event.

However, not all of those autographs and trading cards will remain in the hands of attendees lucky enough to have been there in person. Like most other sports memorabilia fans and collectors, basketball fans are loyal to specific players or teams. While no collector would ever turn down the opportunity for free autographs, if they aren’t from players they specifically collect, these items often make their way to the secondary market. This creates a win-win for all collectors as those unable to attend and fans of participating players get the chance to pick up limited edition items from the event and the sellers gets money to put towards items they would rather add to their personal collections.

NBA All-Star Limited Edition Trading Cards
Panini America is the official, licensed manufacturer of trading cards for the NBA. The company’s involvement at the 2014 NBA Jam Session was highly visible and provided a wealth of collectibles for attendees. All passers-by were encouraged to pick-up their free 2014 NBA Sticker Album, which included a commemorative sheet of stickers only available at the All-Star Game festivities. Limited edition 2013-14 NBA Sticker Collection Multipacks purchased at the NBA Store inside Jam Session allowed patrons to pick-up an eight-card 2014 NBA All-Star Game Prestige Set for free.

Kevin Durant’s 2014 NBA All-Star Game Prestige card.

Stephen Curry’s 2014 NBA All-Star Game Prestige card.

Kobe Bryant’s commemorative 2014 NBA All-Star Game Manufactured Patch Card.

Pete Maravich’s commemorative 2014 NBA All-Star Game Manufactured Patch Card.

However, this wasn’t the only opportunity to score exclusive trading cards from the NBA Jam Session, in fact, that was just the tip of the proverbial ice-berg. Fans who purchased specific products at the NBA Store not only received the eight-card 2014 NBA All-Star Game Prestige set, they also received their choice from one of six commemorative 2014 NBA All-Star Game Manufactured Patch Cards as well. The players featured include Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Larry Johnson, Pete Maravich and Anthony Davis. An eclectic mix of current stars and legends provides appeal for collectors of all ages.

In addition to secondary markets like eBay, collectors have their own first-person opportunity to pick up additional All-Star collectibles through Panini’s online store. Customers who purchase specific products will receive an exclusive eight-card 2013-14 NBA Hoops All-Star Rookie set and a Commemorative 2014 NBA All-Star Patch card of their choice from a list that includes Michael Carter-Williams, Victor Oladipo, Trey Burke or Ben McLemore, free with purchase.

Michael Carter-Williams’ card from the 2013-14 NBA Hoops All-Star Rookie set.

Kelly Olynyk’s card from the 2013-14 NBA Hoops All-Star Rookie set.

Ben McLemore’s Commemorative 2014 NBA All-Star Patch card.

Trey Burke’s Commemorative 2014 NBA All-Star Patch card.

NBA All-Star Autographs
In addition to the limited edition trading cards produced specifically for the event, Panini America hosted several autograph guests throughout the weekend. To properly commemorate each patron’s signing experience, limited edition 8- by 10-inch photographs were produced of each player for them to sign on. The autograph line-up was truly impressive and included: Harrison Barnes, Tim Hardaway, Ben McLemore, Trey Burke, Andre Drummond, Michael Carter-Williams and Victor Oladipo.

NBA Shop 2014 All-Star Game Collectibles
In addition to the items detailed above, the NBA has also produced some limited edition collectibles ranging from a commemorative basketball and beautiful, matted and framed game-ticket pieces. The basketball in particular is limited to 2,014 and each is sequentially serial numbered. Ideal for player autographs, the multi-color pattern of the ball presents striking contrast opportunities for players to sign in various colored paint pens or Sharpies.

The 2014 NBA All-Star Game Mega Ticket.

Another great item for autograph seekers is the 2014 NBA All-Star Game Mega Ticket. High-quality graphics are printed on a canvas like material and stapled to a wooden frame much like traditional artwork. Measuring 15 by 31 inches, it provides ample space for capturing player signatures.

The 2014 NBA All-Star Game program will also be an item worth picking up. Not only to commemorate the event itself, but also to use for future autograph acquisition. Having an event program autographed is a great way to turn a mass produced item into a truly collectible keepsake.

So even if you didn’t make it to NBA All-Star Game, as you can see, there are plenty of collectibles to still chase down and add to your collection.

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