The Nerdy Speculator: Iron Man #1

iron man 1

Welcome to the Nerdy Speculator where I’ll be taking a look at some older comics that are or will soon be hot items on the comic book back issue market. For news on newer books that are soon to be collector’s items be sure to check out my other blog, This Week in Geek, every Wednesday.

In the past few years Hollywood summer blockbuster films have been dominated by Super Heroes and this summer looks to be no exception. Batman, Iron Man and the Hulk are just a few Heroes that will be smashing their way onto the big screen starting this May but the box office won’t be the only place these characters will be cashing in.

Guiding around $400,000.00 the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics #27, DC Comics 1939, might be a little out of your price range, however the first issue of Iron Man from Marvel comics is still very affordable. The Invincible Iron Man #1, Marvel Comics 1968, has sold for around $400-$500 in very fine to near mint conditions for several years now. However, with the Iron Man movie coming this summer look for that price tag to change drastically. In fact this may be the last time Iron Man #1 guides for under $1000.00 ever again. Already, Iron Man number #1 has jumped from an average of $490.00 in near-mint condition in most back-issue value guides to just under $700.00. As the Summer approaches and buzz for the Iron Man movie increases the value of this book is only going to go up. Just looking at auction activity on the web in the last two weeks you can see a steady increase in price on early Iron Man issues in all conditions.

Collectors on a budget in search of good yet affordable investment books are starting to look more and more to the undervalued comics of the 1960’s Marvel silver-age. As characters like Iron Man and the Hulk become more popular all the key issues of their comics will continue to increase in value. If you have been thinking about investing in a good looking Iron Man #1 now is the time.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to drop $500.00 to pick up a great collectible comic book. Every Wednesday you can pick up a new and potentially valuable comic book from your local comic shop for less than $5.00. Check back this Wednesday for This Week in Geek where you can read about the collectible comics of the future.

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