Networking Pays Off in Antique Show Finds

Example of Roseville Falline

Daryle Lambert’ 31 Club Blog:

It’s Spring Time, and around here that means it’s time to visit the Arlington Park Antique Show. It was held this weekend, and I was very excited to get the ball rolling again. Cindy and I met to discuss our strategy before we entered the show, and while we waited for the gate to open, I talked to everyone within ear shot. The mood was upbeat, and the people were very eager to begin their shopping. Cindy and I did as we always do by following a pattern throughout the building to be sure we didn’t miss anything of importance.

Whoa, were prices high! For the first four hours we drew a blank. Finally breaking for lunch we decided to retrace our steps, thinking that at the close of the sale, some dealers might be more willing to deal with us.

So after much disappointment, we approached a booth we’d looked at earlier. In fact, this was the same booth we ended up buying from last year. They seem to always be tempting us with their outstanding inventory of glass and pottery. Yesterday, they had a wonderful Weller Forest Jardinier and Pedestal we eyed earlier, along with several other pieces of really fine pottery. A huge Roseville vase in the Green Pinecone pattern was still there, as well as one of my favorites – a ten inch vase in the Falline pattern from 1933.

So, as closing time was creeping up closer, bingo! They significantly reduced the price of the Weller Forest Jardinier and Pedestal to meet our goal. It’s rather large and I’m certain they wouldn’t want to pack that up and lug it home. By closing time, we were able to come to an agreement on price for the huge Roseville Green Pinecone pattern vase as well as the Falline pattern vase.

Paul was so nice and even packed the pieces, and Jo Ann helped carry them to the car. You can be assured that we will never fail to visit their booths if they set up at a show we attend. This is what I mean by when I talk about networking. You should make an attempt to meet these folks. I have never had a problem with any item that I’ve purchased from them, but I feel certain if I did, they would be accommodating. Without these wonderful people, my entire day would have been wasted. You will soon see these pieces on our website, and I am sure you will appreciate them as much as Cindy and I did.

If you ever run across Joann Woodall and Paul Woolmer from Hampshire, Illinois, be sure to stop and say howdy. These folks are real home town and ready to deal. They can be reached at Wagon Wheel Antiques Next to them you will also find some fine folks in their booth. Cindy Horvath and Mike Nickel have a store called “A Nickel’s Worth” out of Portland, Michigan. I’m not certain, but I think these two stores work as partners. Last year, they supplied us with some fine Charles Lotton vases we listed on the 31 Club site. If you remember, those pieces didn’t last long.

Another great find for 31 Club Member, Cecil. You may get tired of hearing this name so often but he called me Saturday afternoon to ask if I was near my computer. It so happened that I was away from home. But, I couldn’t help myself from asking what he had found. “Oh, nothing,” was his reply. Well, I wasn’t going to let him get away with that, so again I asked, “What did you find?”

He told me that it was just a small watercolor about 5×7 inches. I asked him who the artist was and when he told me, my hat almost flew off my head. I asked him if I could be his partner on that, but he wasn’t buying that from me. I couldn’t wait to get home to research it, and as I expected, that small watercolor has a value of $6,000 to $8,000. Please don’t tell me there isn’t any great treasure out there to be found. Cecil asked me not to give the artist’s name yet, but hopefully I can do that at a later date.

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