Notify Module

Issue: E-mail Notification for AaQ and AaW
Members posting questions and “answers to questions” (AaQ & AaW) should have the option to get an email everything someone responds. The default should be to be notified, and the member should be able to turn the notification on/off after posting the questions/answer.

Solution: Notify Module

This module is developed to give solution to the issue stated above. Basically it does meet the general requirements to solve the problem. In addition, some features were added to give users the ease in using the capability of the module, which will be discussed one by one later.

The scope of this module satisfies the general issue. However, it is limited to AaQ and AaW for the meantime (as requested). Yet, the module itself is ready to be extended as other node types were included in the system settings.


1. Notify me checkbox. This checkbox is the prime turnaround for this module to be used. It is located at the bottom in every question and worthologist-question node type instance. By enabling this checkbox, the notification for this post is turned on. Everytime this post receive a respond, an email will be sent to the post author containing the following:

2. E-mail Notification. An e-mail notification will be sent to the post author for every response received by his post (question and ask a worthologist). The e-mail comes in plain text but an HTML form is ready to be deployed by user’s preference. Basically, plain text is much better as far as formality and adaptability (for every kind of webmail). The email contains the following:
a. Title of the post that received a comment.
b. Name and email address of the responder.
c. Subject of response
d. Body of response
e. Link of the original
f. Link to post own comment on your post
g. Explication on email reception
h. Link to manage notifications

3. My Notifications Page. This page is created to manage user’s notifications. In a tabular form contains the title of the nodes whose notification is turned on in the first column, the type of node for second column, and operation in the third. The user can turn off notification of a specific node by selecting the X button that corresponds the selected node. A confirmation will be displayed whether to continue operation or not before the process is continued. Cancel will undo changes and Continue will do the necessary process before leading to updated Notifications Page.

4. My Notifications Block and Link. Blocks containing the link to My Notifications Page is displayed at “answers” and “answers/*” (every page under answers). A link is also available on member profile.


This module was pushed to production around February this month. Search for update of this module in this blog community.

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