Offered for the first time in years an original Antoine-Louis Barye monument

Famous Barye cold stamp
This is a museum quality investment, much of Barye's work in fact is in museums. See the article for details.
Barye's famous cold stamp signature
This work of French Romanticism is unmatched
This is an authentic Barye not a reproduction.
A piece like this comes on the market once in a lifetime.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been contracted to sell one of the most important bronze collectibles to come on the market in quite some time. It’s an original work by French Romantic Artist Antoine-Louis Barye (1796–1875), the foremost animal sculptor or animalier of the 19th century.
This magnificent work of art stands 9ft tall, 13ft long, it weighs approximately 4,700lbs. It’s dated 1856 with a cold stamp which Barye was known to use during this period.

This was inherited by my client whose father had purchased this from the estate collection of the well known art collector William T. Walters. Documentation of provenance is available for inspection.

As you would imagine, original works of Barye have found their way into the most prominent bronze sculpture collections in the world including those of the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay & the Flagler Museum as well as important private collections.

That said, you would have to travel far and wide to find a Barye monument of this size anywhere, be it the Louvre or any other display. So far, my extensive research has not revealed a Barye bronze any larger than this and it could be the largest in existence.

While it’s not for everyone, this monument would set the tone for entry into the finest estate, Equestrian establishment, European Castle, and other such grand venues.

If there’s something that comes as close to being as stunning, then perhaps it’s the fact that the consignors are asking a very fair $300,000 for this bold work. In my honest opinion that leaves room for some incredible investment potential. If you think this work is a good match for you, lets discuss it further, please reach me at or phone me at 978-355-2094.
I’m a licensed, bonded auctioneer in the state of Massachusetts, auction license #2621. Of course, all monies collected may, and should be placed in escrow until you have inspected the bronze and it’s provenance. I use only one escrow service,, it is the most known escrow service on the Internet and the only one recognised by eBay and PayPal.
Form of payment accepted are certified funds, wire transfer, Paypal, a credit card processed through PayPal, personal check. All funds must clear before release of the item.

Although the asking price is $300,000, all serious offers will be considered. Should there be more than one interested party at the asking price, the bronze will be auctioned via a private auction process. I am the exclusive seller of this bronze.
The current location of the item is in Miami Fl, and you will have to arrange for shipping.

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